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We strive to provide you and your family with the most complete dental care possible and are genuinely concerned about improving your dental health. Our office provides a range of services for each member of your family that include:

Cosmetic Services (improving your smile)
A smile can be the most eye-catching feature of a face. With dentistry's many advances, you no longer have to settle for stained, chipped or misshapen teeth. You now have choices that can help you smile with confidence. There are a number of options that are available for improving your smile including Veneers, Bonding and tooth whitening. We are happy to discuss options most suitable for you, but also what your expectations are and the dental fees involved.

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Crowns (restoring teeth)

When teeth are cracked, stained or damaged, they detract from your dental health and appearance. To restore them, you may need a crown. A crown is a restoration that covers, or caps, a tooth to restore it to normal shape and size. Its purpose is to strengthen or improve the appearance of a tooth.

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Pediatric Services (your child's teeth)

Some babies have a tooth at birth. Others may not see any teeth for the first year. Either way, to help ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums for your baby, proper care begins within the first few days after birth. All twenty primary teeth begin forming in the jaw bones before your baby is born. The two lower front teeth are the first to come through, followed by the upper two. You can expect to see all twenty primary teeth by age 2 to 2½. Nowadays, it's possible for many children to reach adulthood without ever experiencing tooth decay. Regular dental visits are crucial to your child's dental health.

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Periodontal Diseases (Gum Diseases)

Periodontal Disease, or Gum Disease, is an infection of the tissues that support the teeth. Your teeth are supported by gum tissue (or Gingiva) that anchor the tooth root into its socket and bone. With proper gum care, these tissues can help you keep your smile for a lifetime. Many adults, though, develop some type of Periodontal Disease. Treatment methods depend upon the type of disease and how far the condition has progressed. Left untreated, Periodontal Disease can be a major cause of tooth loss.

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Replacing Missing Teeth (Bridges, Dentures)
If you're missing one or more teeth, you may be aware of their importance to your appearance and dental health. Your teeth work together to help you chew, speak, sing and smile. When you lack teeth, it's difficult to do these things. Fortunately, missing teeth can and should be replaced. You can restore your smile with a fixed bridge or removable partial denture.

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Root Canal Therapy (saving teeth)
Root canal treatment usually involves removal of the tooth's pulp, a small thread-like tissue that was important for tooth development. Once removed, it is replaced with materials that seal off the root canal from its supporting structure. Years ago, diseased or injured teeth were often extracted. Today, even if the pulp of one of your teeth becomes injured or infected, it often can be saved through root canal (Endodontic) treatment.

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Treatment of TMJ (grinding and headaches)
Many people who suffer from such symptoms as headaches, earaches, tenderness of the jaw joints or muscles or dull, aching facial pain often share a common problem. These people may suffer from a family of problems related to the jaw muscles and the jaw joint (Temporomandibular joint). The muscles and joints may not function properly, resulting in cycles of pain and spasm. In many cases, the pain, headaches and other symptoms associated with TMJ disorders can be successfully treated.

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Cosmetic Services
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Periodontal Diseases
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Replacing Missing Teeth
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Root Canal Therapy
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Sleep Apnea
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Treatment of TMJ
    - Stop the Grind
    - Prevent Bruxism

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