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If you would like to contact us there are several ways we can be reached. They are listed below. These numbers can be utilized by patients who are new to our office or by current patients who have a question or dental emergency.

By telephone                                                                    
By fax                                                                    
By email                                                                                                                              
By cell phone                                                                    

We recognize that emergency situations do arise and will do everything in our power to respond as quickly as possible. Please feel free to contact Dr. Gradishar by email with any questions you might have or to request an appointment.

If you are interested in possible employment opportunities with our dental practice, use this email link.

If you have configured a default email app for your device, simply click or tap on the email address in blue shown above to send Dr. Gradishar an email

Also you may click or tap on one of the phone numbers shown above if you are using a cell phone and it should allow you to call us (or click on the phone earpiece in the home page)



**New Patient Special**

New patients: Cleaning and Examination $99. Regularly $210.  


Office Hours

Monday 9 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday 9:50 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday 12 Noon to 5 PM
Thursday 9 AM to 5 PM
Friday 9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday (one per month) 9 AM to 2 PM


We accept most dental insurance and Preferred Provider Organization dental plans.